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It all begins with plants

Experience pleasurable moments with plant-based ingredients and protect our planet’s natural resources at the same time. At BEGAN we strive to make it easier for you to enjoy a creamy coffee with delicious, plant based alternatives by creating coffee drinks with the added natural flavours of almonds, oats and coconut.

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Delicious for you; good for all of us

Do your bit towards making the world a better place: Protect nature and live in harmony with it by discovering the fantastic, true taste of natural, authentic ingredients for yourself.

Natural ingredients such as oats, almonds and coconut are good for the environment, the rainforests, the climate and the world of nutrition.

Did you know that for cow’s milk, feed for the cattle first has to be cultivated? A litre of oat milk uses x9 less agricultural land than a litre of cow’s milk. A worthy cause, don’t you think?

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Almonds: A mild flavour

Almonds contain valuable unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and high quality protein. But above all they taste delicious as an almond drink, thanks to their mild, nutty aroma. Why not try out this popular plant-based alternative with the vegan cappuccino from BEGAN!

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Oats: secret superfood

Oats are the star of every porridge. Plenty of vitamins and dietary fibre also make them a true superfood. Oat drinks are also very popular, as they offer a creamier texture when compared to regular coffee drinks. Why not try for yourself?

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Coconut: exotic fruitiness

You don’t have to visit your local barista anymore to get your favourite Coconut Cappuccino! You can now make your very own in the comfort of your own home with BEGAN. Welcome your new creamy surprise with a mildly exotic flavour and the best that coconut has to offer. We’re bowled over by the mellow flavour that is mildly refreshing at the same time. Find out for yourself!

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Food for thought

Inspiration and ideas about veganism, natural gourmet delights, coffee and lifestyle.

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